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Getting Started:

Your first step in improving your smile, your bite, and your overall health and well-being is to schedule an appointment for an initial examination.  You can do this by calling us at 423-531-4533 or via e-mail by clicking here.

Once you are scheduled, we will e-mail our intake forms which you can complete in advance. 

At your examination appointment, we will take a jaw film, a head film, and photographs of your teeth. These will allow Dr. Marie to see what's going on "under the hood, " so to speak.  Dr. Marie will review your diagnostic images and thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, jaws, and smile.

Then Dr. Farrar will share with you what will be involved in your treatment, and answer the two most common questions patients and parents have: “how long?” and “how much?”  

If your treatment is particularly complex, we will take impressions of your teeth for study models and a follow up treatment conference appointment will be scheduled.

Typical braces require separators or “spacers” to be placed on either side of the molars 5-14 days prior to the day you will actually get your braces placed.  The spacer appointment only takes about 5 minutes, but the appointment to have the braces put on will take about an hour and a half to two hours. 

When our schedule allows, we may be able to place your spacers on the day of your initial exam.  We will never pressure you, however, into getting started before you are fully informed and ready to proceed.

Once your braces are on, we will adjust them every 6-8 weeks until it is time to get them off.  Before you know it, you'll be sporting your brand new fabulous smile, especially if you do your part by coming to all your scheduled appointments, by wearing your rubber bands, and by being careful not to break any brackets or wires!

How Can I Afford Braces?

Well, it's a whole lot less expensive than you might think.  Especially when you consider the value of a lifetime of healthy, confident smiles! 

Our office offers discounts for full payment at the start of treatment, as well as payment plans using a monthly automatic draft service.  So that mean no pesky payment booklets!  Your monthly charges can be paid from a checking or savings account, or they can be charged to your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  Some patients are able to charge their monthly payments directly to their health savings account.

Maximizing your Insurance Benefit

Our office is happy to file your insurance claims and help you receive the maximum allowable benefit.  We regret that we do not participate with any HMO insurance plans because of the steep reduction in fees that they require.   We are not able to provide the high quality of care and service our patients are accustomed to if we have to reduce our fees significantly.  

If you have PPO plan, we may not show up on your list of "in network" providers.  However, we can file your insurance, and your insurance benefit will be exactly the same as if you seek treatment in network.  It's a little understood fact that most orthodontic fees are not limited by a PPO plan because orthodontic insurance uses a lifetime maximum.

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Here's what you should know about our privacy practices.  We will never, ever sell patient lists to anyone else for marketing purposes.  Patients have the opportunity to opt out of electronic newsletters we send.  Appointment reminders can be customized, if desired.  We share with insurance companies and other doctors and dentists only what is necessary for patient care.  We shred any documents with patients' personal information, and we eccrypt any emails containing patient information.  All software and third party vendors we use are HIPAA compliant.  And we always ask your permission to use your smiling face in any marketing or social media.

Click here to read our official "Notice of Privacy Practices". 

Risks and Limitations of Orthodontic Treatment

The benefits of braces or aligner treatments generally far outweigh the risks associated with them.  The most common side effect of braces is the development of white spots and cavities.  And it's totally preventable by good oral hygiene.

This video from the American Association of Orthodontists goes over all the risks and limitations of treatment.  We encourage all of our patients to watch it before signing the "informed consent" form.  Dr. Farrar likes to remind patients to focus on the clear path ahead, not on the potholes.

Orthodontists receive 2-3 years of university-based education after their dental training in order to help patients avoid the potential pitfalls of orthodontic treatment.  This is just another reason to make sure your orthodontist is really an orthodontist--and a board-certified one at that!