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Smile Studio is Certifiably GREEN

We are pleased to announce that we were recently awarded LEED Silver certification for Commercial Interiors by the US Green Building Council.  We are grateful for the grant from green | spaces that covered the expenses associated with documenting and commissioning the project.  And we couldn't have done it without Berry Construction and Hefferlin + Kronenberg architects.

These are the measures we took to achieve the silver certification level:

Water Conservation- To conserve water, we installed all water conserving fixtures, including low flow sinks, a bubbler for brushing teeth, and new low flow toilets.

Natural Lighting- Because our space has only one wall with exterior windows, we capitalized on the available natural light by using translucent panels at partitions and for many of the doors.

Location- Our office is located on Main Street, within a quarter mile of over ten other shops offering basic services. This allows people to park in one place and take care of various needs without the use of a vehicle. Additionally, we are located within a half mile of three public bus stops.

High Recycled Content- In selecting materials for our office construction and furnishings, we opted for materials that contain a high level of recycled materials. Twenty percent of all materials in our project are recycled.

Biking- To encourage biking to work, we have provided a shower for the use of all employees. We have also provided a bike rack adjacent to the parking lot to allow both employees and guests to secure their bikes if they choose to use alternate transportation to the office.

Energy Star- Over ninety percent of the power from office equipment we use is Energy Star qualified.

Recycling- We recycle paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals. We also participate in a sharps recycling program, along with Dr. Baldree’s office. During construction of our space, we recycled over 75% of construction and demolition waste.

Good Air Quality- We do not allow smoking anywhere within 25 feet of the entrance to our space and we exceed the requirement of national standards for fresh, outdoor air intake. Additionally, all paints, adhesives, sealants, flooring materials and composite wood products used in the building have minimal to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Even our furniture is low-emitting.

Efficiency- Our connected lighting density is over thirty percent less than what is required by national standards and every employee has the ability to adjust the lighting in their area to suite their tasks. To ensure that our HVAC, lighting, and hot water systems were operating at the efficiency we expected, a commissioning authority was employed and verified the installation and performance of all the building systems.