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We are certifiably green--AGAIN!


Dr. Marie Farrar at the first ever Green Dentistry Conference with Ina and Dr. Fred Pickross, founders of the EcoDentistry AssociationI am pleased to announce that Smile Studio Orthodontics has achieved the Gold level of GreenDOC Dental Office Certification by the EcoDentistry Association!

Being LEED certified was a big part of our reaching Gold.  You can read here about all the measures we took to become certified as LEED Silver for Commercial Interiors.  Listed below are some of our additional initiatives that make us EcoDentistry Certified Gold.

Waste Reduction & Pollution Prevention

  • we use a steam autoclave with reusable instrument cassettes instead of paper-plastic pouches, and we distill our own water
  • we have reduced the use of plastic barriers and disposable supplies
  • we use eco-friendly disinfectants for surfaces and equipment lines
  • we have eliminated the use of toxic cold sterilants by selecting instruments that can be heat sterilized
  • we have a digital x-ray system, which eliminates chemical waste
  • we subscribe to a recycling service and even our sharps waste is recycled
  • we collect and recycle ink and toner cartridges, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, propane and oxygen bottles, and small appliances
  • we recycle the disposable toothbrushes used by patients in our office, and collect their toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes and floss dispensers
  • we compost our kitchen waste
  • we provide filtered drinking water in our break room and reception room to eliminate the need for bottled water
  • we save transportation and shipping waste by having an in-house lab for our models and retainers
  • we use rechargeable batteries where possible
  • we purchase in bulk and choose recycled content, recyclable, and/or compostable supplies when available
  • we purchase supplies from eco-friendly vendors when possible
  • our cleaning service uses green cleaning products and processes
  • we utilize a green landscape management company
  • our stationery and prnted communications are printed on FSC-certified paper
  • we send appointment reminders and many other communications electronically
  • we print and copy double sided when possible
  • we send patients’ take-home supplies in a reusable shopping bag


Water Conservation

  • we use hand sanitizer instead of soap and water when possible
  • our landscape plantings are drought tolerant and we do not irrigate automatically


Patient Care, Workplace Policies, & Community Contribution

  • we participate in charity dentistry projects such as Smiles Change Lives
  • we participate in community service such as the Oral Cancer Foundation’s Walk for Awareness
  • my staff and I take continuing education about green dentistry
  • we use only BPA-free adhesives
  • I provide patient education regarding whole-body health
  • we provide honey, Stevia, and xylitol as sweeteners at our hot beverage station for patients
  • we give patients a BPA-free reusable water bottle with Xylitol-sweetened candies and gum when patients get their braces off
  • we send healthy gifts to referring offices, such as oranges, chocolate covered strawberries, and trail mix


Oh, and did I mention I drive a Prius?  And since my husband works next door, we frequently carpool to and from work!

As a healthcare provider, I seek to practice sustainably and in a way that "does no harm" - either to patients or to the environment.  As eloquently put by Christopher Gavigan, co-founder with Jessica Alba of the Honest Co.: "Most people think living greener is about safeguarding the Earth, but my approach is about living for your health, which ultimately has positive impacts for the planet."

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