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Yes, braces are truly worth all the time, money, and trouble!

My favorite part of what I do is sitting down with patients at the end of treatment to review their before and after pictures.  And I've never had a patient regret their investment of time, money, and life energy in achieving a great smile and balanced bite.

Like it or not, numerous studies show that people with straight teeth are judged to be more attractive, intelligent, happy, and successful than those with unsightly smiles.  Studies also show that not only do we smile because we are happy, but we can also become happier because we smile!  So if you cannot smile confidently, perhaps you are not as happy or successful as you could be.  Check out this great TED talk for more info.

Scientists suggest that we are hardwired to judge each others’ smiles because our teeth are indicators of overall health, and are therefore an important factor in choosing a future mate.  As an orthodontist, I can tell you that 99% of the time, a healthy and functional bite is also esthetically pleasing.

There are numerous benefits when your teeth are aligned relative to each other and relative to the jaws, and when they fit and function properly:

  • They are easier to keep clean (and therefore, free from cavities and gum disease).
  • They help improve your overall health, because gum disease is linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • They help you chew your food better.
  • They help you speak more clearly.
  • They help prevent abnormal stresses on your jaws.
  • They help to prevent excessive or uneven tooth wear.
  • They help you keep your teeth for a lifetime!


I see many adults who seek orthodontic treatment because they have begun to experience some of the long-term side effects of a bad bite.  Malocclusion (improperly fitting teeth) is a “disease of civilization” that is increasingly causing problems for adults.  Thankfully, we are living longer and keeping our teeth longer than ever before.  But eventually an uneven bite will lead to one or more of these problems (depending on the patient’s weakest system):

  • worn down, chipped or broken teeth
  • broken down bone and/or gum tissue supporting the teeth
  • painful jaw joints and/or facial muscles


These issues may take decades to appear, but eventually they will become a problem that will affect your quality of life and require extensive dental care to treat.

So invest in yourself to enjoy the benefits now and head off bigger problems in the future!

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